Tank posing and smiling on a bench downtown

Tank the Love-Able Pit Bull Ready for Adoption

Tank the Loveable Pit Bull that Can Melt Your Heart

Tank the Pit Bull (Dog Available for Adoption in Kingsport, TN)

Tank is one of the most hecking good boys you'll ever meet. Although he doesn't get along well with other animals, he loves all people (even tiny ones who don't have a fully developed brain yet).

Tank is comfortable enough in his masculinity to wear a pink leash.Sadly, Tank has spent most of his short life behind bars. He is the current longest resident of Petworks. It's not hard to figure out why. His large and muscular frame intimidate some people. In addition, many landlords have policies that don't allow big dogs.

That said, it's sad that pit bulls face such a stigma. Some people falsely believe the myth that these dogs are violent and vicious by their very nature. That's simply not true. Here's a hypothetical for you. Imagine the government conducted two super soldier experiments. The first used a skinny young boy. The second used a muscular adult male. Which one will be more effective in combat?

Don't think too hard. The answer is obvious. Any grown man will fight more effectively than a toddler. Apply the same reasoning to pit bulls; some of which are raised to fight, despite how wrong it is to condemn a pet to such a life. If people raised poodles to fight, they wouldn't be nearly as strong, because they lack the size advantage of a pit bull. See what I mean? Besides, Tank is a big sweetie.

Please remember: if you want to adopt Tank, he needs to be your one and only pet. He doesn't play nicely with other animals. But that's okay. Neither do most of your co-workers. And he's plenty of dog to handle. When you have such a big sweet adopted dog child, there's really no need for any more pets. Tank will never stop being thankful for your decision to devote all of your attention to him. Why wait? Click here to adopt Tank today.

Tank posing and smiling on a bench downtown
Tank laying with his belly exposed in the grass
Tank chilling at the record store.
Tank the pit bull during a dog walk downtown.

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