Roxy the Chi – wow – ah ! What a cutie!!

Roxy Heart! This little one is so loveable!!

Daniel Wallen
June 27 at 2:52 PM ·

Roxy is the embodiment of why people who say, "Keep your dog inside when it's too hot," annoy me. Yes, the pavement is warm on paws, but that's no excuse to neglect a dog's need for play and activity (which this sweet girl clearly needs even more than the average pup). Parks offer plenty of green areas and I managed to teach Roxy a, "Stay on the grass," command in a minute flat, despite the stereotype that old dogs can't learn new tricks (note: she is seven). This Chihuahua, who sadly lost her owner, would be perfect for anybody who wants to get in shape but struggles to stay motivated. You could start as slow as you need to -- our trek is definitely gonna be brief to fit her fitness level -- and make the process more enjoyable since she loves to walk, even though it is difficult. Know somebody like that? If so, please share!

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* Available for Adoption at Petworks - Kingsport Animal Services *

Roxy out in car
Roxy the dog
Roxy day out

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