Jackson is waiting for YOU to come and take him home with you!

Jackson or Jaxson is waiting for you to take him home with you!!

Daniel Wallen
July 1 at 2:23 PM ·

It's sad when pets find themselves in a tricky situation. Jackson's at the shelter, because his owner went to jail. I don't believe a criminal record should disqualify anybody from getting to keep their pet; but I'm also not aware of details such as the specific crime involved, length of sentence, and whether or not they feel remorse and intend to develop their character. Assuming the latter is true, I'd hope a foster would be willing to return Jackson to his rightful owner. But either way, I'm not okay with this one year old beagle being punished for a crime he didn't commit. Would anybody be willing to take care of this sweet boy? 🐕 ❤️🏠

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* Available for Adoption at Petworks - Kingsport Animal Services *

Jackson day out
Jackson Owner in Jail
Jackson out

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