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Will You Please Foster a Dog or Cat?

Why is fostering so important?

We always need foster homes. New animals needing a place to stay come in everyday. For every animal we are able to place into foster care, we are able to rescue another animal from a tragic end with animal control.

Make a Difference

Short-or-long-term foster care is great for folks who cannot adopt.

I’m interested in fostering a dog or cat

Adult dogs available to foster

Cats available to foster

Help provide a safe space for pets to begin their new, happy lives.

Kingsport Pet Adoption Center would not exist without foster homes. Our foster families save pets who are too young to be adopted yet, elderly, recovering from surgery, scared or depressed. Fostering, is a selfless, compassionate and generous commitment and we recognize that.

As foster parents to the cats and dogs of our facility, you provide the love and stability they need. We thank you for that!

Loofa with new parent

Save a Life

When you foster a pet, we have room to bring another pet to our no-kill shelter. You’re saving two lives!


Free Food & Medical

We can provide you with all the food and supplies you need. We can take care of all their medical needs as well.


Perfectly Paired Pets

After you fill out your foster application, our foster home coordinator works with you to find the right pets for your home.

Simple Steps to Becoming a Foster Parent to a Cat or Dog

Complete the Foster Care Application and be on your way to changing the life of a cat or dog.

Why Foster an Animal?

  • Fostering allows us to save even more lives by allowing us the space to rescue another animal from animal control before they are euthanized.
  • Fostering a dog or cat is a fun and rewarding experience that the whole family can participate in and receive unconditional love in return.
  • We cover the cost of all of the medical needs, food, bowls, playpens, litter boxes, cages ect while you are fostering so there is no cost to the foster home.
  • You are keeping the animal in a safe, quiet environment while they get all of their booster vaccines so they won’t get sick.
  • We receive over 300 emails a day pleading for our help to rescue hundreds of cats and dogs! The more people willing to become a fosters, the more animals lives we can save every day!

Typical Steps to Become a Cat or Dog Foster Parent

  • Fill out the foster care application form.
  • Our foster home coordinator will contact you as soon as we process the application to discuss what type of foster animal may work well in your family.
  • Once the animal arrives, we will notify you when you should arrive at the shelter to pick up the animal and we will give you everything you need to take them home that day!
  • Love and care for your foster animal.
  • If fostering a kitten or puppy, they will need to come back to the shelter every 15 days for booster vaccines and go to our vet clinic for neutering on a specified day & time.
  • If fostering an adult dog or cat, you would need to be able to bring them back to the shelter to meet potential adopters.
  • Return the animal to the shelter to find their permanent home through adoption.

Frequently Asked Questions About Fostering a Pet

What are the requirement's to become a foster?

What types of animals are available to foster?

Will it cost me anything to care for the animal?

How long will I typically care for my foster?

What if I have pets?

What if the animal(s) need medical care?

What if I have an after-hours emergency?

Who can become a foster parent?

Can I "try-out" a foster animal for a few days?

What supplies will I need to foster an animal(s)?

What are some of the reasons an animal needs to be in foster care?

Why do young puppies and kittens need to be fostered?

Why might an adult cat need to be fostered?

I'm worried I will fall in love with my foster pet!

Become a Foster Parent or Family

Foster care is essential to our mission at Kingsport Pet Adoption Center. Foster families enable us to rescue more dogs and cats from high kill facilities. We couldn’t save all of these lives without you!

Find Your Next Pet

Browse the cat and dog directories and find the perfect match for your home!

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