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Jackson is waiting for YOU to come and take him home with you!

Jackson or Jaxson is waiting for you to take him home with you!! Daniel Wallen July 1 at 2:23 PM · It’s sad when pets find themselves in a tricky situation. Jackson’s at the shelter, because his owner went to jail. I don’t believe a criminal record should disqualify anybody from getting to keep their pet; but I’m also not aware of details such as the specific crime […]

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Roxy the Chi – wow – ah ! What a cutie!!

Roxy Heart! This little one is so loveable!! Daniel Wallen June 27 at 2:52 PM · Roxy is the embodiment of why people who say, “Keep your dog inside when it’s too hot,” annoy me. Yes, the pavement is warm on paws, but that’s no excuse to neglect a dog’s need for play and activity (which this sweet girl clearly needs even more than the average pup). Parks […]

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Sheldon the Collie with Great Heart and Personality!

Sheldon the Collie that will be your new best friend and member of your family! Information about each pet goes here Bubba is a young pup at less than two years old. His story is   that came to our shelter because is previous parents moved into an aparment that would not allow them to keep Bubba. He is a GREAT dog! Friendly Text Text Text Other Wonderful […]

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Ramey is a sweet little guy ready for adoption!

Ramey the Terrific Terrier! This guy is full of love and positive energy! Daniel Wallen June 20 at 2:51 PM · Ramey asked me to send Facebook a wink on his behalf. He’s a two year old Terrier who is looking for a new roomie and snuggle buddy. This pooch is super chill and doesn’t seem to be bursting with energy, so he’d be ideal for an older […]

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Tank the Love-Able Pit Bull Ready for Adoption

Tank posing and smiling on a bench downtown

Tank the Loveable Pit Bull that Can Melt Your Heart Tank the Pit Bull (Dog Available for Adoption in Kingsport, TN) Tank is one of the most hecking good boys you’ll ever meet. Although he doesn’t get along well with other animals, he loves all people (even tiny ones who don’t have a fully developed brain yet). Tank is comfortable enough in his masculinity to wear a pink […]

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Pongo the Siamese Mix Cat

Pongo the Siamese Mix Information about Pongo Pongo is a 1 year old male Siamese mix cat who is very friendly, quiet, and seeks attention. Other Wonderful Pets Available for Adoption

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Vincent the Cat

Vincent the CAt Information about Vincent Vincent is a 2 year old black and white cat who is very loving, sweet, and curious and he gets along great with other cats. Other Wonderful Pets Available for Adoption

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Cato the Pitbull

Cato the Pitbull Information about Cato Cato is a pitbull that is very people friendly however is not too animal friendly. Other Wonderful Pets Available for Adoption

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Riley the Tabby Cat

Riley the Tabby Cat Information about Riley Riley is a 3 year orange tabby with a very sweet, affectionate, and playful personality. Other Wonderful Pets Available for Adoption

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Jaxson The Terrier mix dog

Jaxson the Terrier/Mix Information about Jaxson Jaxson is a 2 year old Terrier/mix dog. He has known no human home but is a very sweet and friendly dog that would be good for any family. Other Wonderful Pets Available for Adoption

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